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A lot of people who drink a2 Milk™ say they just feel better. It’s completely natural and it’s the way milk’s meant to be.



My kids are not complaining of tummy aches any more. They are actually asking for glasses of milk, whereas before they would only ask for water or juice.


I would like to  let you know how great I feel since switching from normal milk to a2 Milk. I suffer from an upset stomach after drinking regular milk. Now I have none of these symptoms, thanks to a2 Milk. What a life saver. Thanks a2 Milk!


Since switching to a2 Milk, I’m able to enjoy dairy again. I would never consider drinking any other milk. Thanks A2 for helping me achieve my goals!


What is the a2 Milk™

a2 Milk™ is the only cows’ milk to contain only the A2 protein   and no A1 protein. It’s completely natural and it’s the way milk’s meant to be.

Have some questions?

What makes our milk different?

A lot of people who drink a2 MilkTM say they just feel better.  But what’s the a2 MilkTM difference?

a2 MilkTM is the only milk that comes from specially hand-picked cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein, and none of the A1 protein.  With help from our a2 MilkTM farmers, we ensure that every drop is free from the A1 protein commonly found in ordinary cows’ milk.  And it’s completely natural, the way milk’s meant to be.

If you want to feel the a2 MilkTM difference yourself, look for the purple a2 CowTM on the back of the pack to be sure it’s true a2 MilkTM and discover why so many Australians are making the switch.

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