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Yes, a2 Milk™ is naturally occurring cows’ milk; it’s not a result of a technological process or genetic engineering. We simply select cows that produce only A2 protein.

a2 Milk™ is pure and natural dairy milk, permeate and additive free, that is rich in the A2 type of beta-casein protein because it comes from specially selected cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein and not A1 protein.

Most regular cows’ milk brands today contain a combination of two main types of beta-casein protein, namely A1 and A2. a2 Milk™ is special because it is an exception to this.


What makes a2 Milk™ different to regular fresh cows’ milk is the absence of the A1 protein. It is the A1 protein that many people seek to avoid by switching from regular cows’ milk to a2 Milk™.


The a2 Milk Company uses comprehensive herd selection to choose cows which don’t produce the A1 protein.

The single most important factor in producing our delicious a2 Milk™ is to find the right dairy cows. Unlike other dairy farmers, our farmers exclusively select cows that naturally produce milk rich in the A2 type of beta-casein. This is done by using a simple and non-invasive DNA test we have developed, which analyses a sample hair from the tail of each dairy cow. These A2-certified cows are then milked separately to produce pure and natural a2 Milk™.

a2 Milk™ is widely available in supermarkets in Australia. Please refer to the find a stockist section.

Yes, a2 Milk™ contains levels of lactose comparable to that of standard milk. If the switch to a2 Milk™ allows you to enjoy all of the significant benefits of dairy again, without disturbance to your digestive wellbeing, this is occurring in the presence of lactose.

As the biggest Australian owned milk brand enjoyed by many across the nation, the welfare of our animals has been a cornerstone of the a2 Milk™ success story.

Our commitment to optimal living standards for all animals involved in and impacted by a2 Milk™ supply is underpinned by a respect for animal welfare, and belief in the positive impact that animal welfare standards can have on milk production and milk quality.

Our vision is for a best-in-class animal welfare management system that exceeds Australian dairy industry standards.

To help achieve this vision, we engage an independent expert organisation for auditing and certification of the animal welfare management practices on all a2 Milk™ farms, across the nation.

More information about our partner, Validus, can be found here.


a2 Milk™ contains the same quantity of lactose that is found in standard milk and will not resolve any medically diagnosed lactose intolerance.

However, if you have diagnosed lactose intolerance but would still like to consume a2 Milk™, a lactase enzyme supplement may help. An example is “Lacto-Free” mini-tablets which, when used according to directions, will help break down the lactose milk sugar making it possible for you to enjoy dairy products without the symptoms.
To find out more visit Lacto-Free or call their customer service number on 1800 788 870.

If you’re a health professional, you may wish to review some of the related scientific literature. Citation details are available in the section for Health Professionals.

Cows’ milk allergy is a serious condition and is different to cows’ milk intolerance. If you or your child is known to suffer from a cows’ milk allergy, you should consult your doctor or paediatrician before consuming ANY milk variety, including a2 Milk™.

All milk contains a variety of biologically active factors known to affect the immune system. a2 Milk™ contains all of the proteins that you would find in standard cows’ milk except for the A1 beta-casein protein. Therefore, those people with allergies to the proteins in standard cows’ milk will not be able to drink a2 Milk™.

However, a2 Milk™ can help to reduce digestive discomfort in some people who have difficulty digesting regular cows' milk as opposed to having a milk allergy. There is a growing body of evidence that supports the unique benefits of milk containing only the A2 beta-casein protein type like a2 Milk™.

Absolutely not! a2 Milk™ is obtained naturally from cows specially selected for their genetic makeup.

Pasteurisation is a method of heating milk for a short time to kill off bacteria which would cause the milk to spoil.

Homogenised milk has been treated to disperse the cream layer containing the milk fat throughout the milk. Homogenised milk generally has a longer shelf life than un-homogenised milk.

 You can find the nutritional information for each of our products here.  The nutritional information can also be found on the back label of every a2 MilkTM bottle or carton.

Absolutely. It’s 100% produced from local cows and as fresh as fresh can be.

Due to the addition of Mānuka honey, the Premium a2 Milk™ powder with Mānuka honey contains a higher carbohydrate content than regular a2 Milk™ powder or a2 Milk™. If you are diabetic, it is best to consult your healthcare professional before consuming this product as its suitability depends on your medical history along with the amount consumed.

UMF™ is an internationally recognised quality trademark and grading system managed by the UMF Honey Association. The UMF Honey Association oversees the use of the UMF™ quality trademark, appointing independent auditors to check market samples to protect consumers against counterfeit products.

The 10+ grading represents the level of quality and purity of Mānuka honey contained in Premium a2 Milk™ powder with Mānuka honey, so you can be assured that the Mānuka honey used in this product is genuine.

For more information on the UMF Honey Association, please visit http://www.umf.org.nz/

Yes. This product is gluten free.

Premium a2 Milk™ powder with Mānuka honey is a blend of Mānuka honey dried at a low temperature and premium a2 Milk™ powder. There is no scientific evidence to suggest drying liquid Mānuka honey at a low temperature affects the efficacy of the product.

Not necessarily. Some farmers and processors producing a2 Milk™ do follow organic principles, but that is purely incidental. It simply indicates that producers who are interested in the highest standards of natural purity and safety see a2 Milk™ as consistent with their objectives. But non-organic farmers can easily produce a2 Milk™.

a2 Milk™ does not contain any permeate or any other additives which is why it tastes so refreshing, as real milk should taste.

Yes, a2 Milk™ contains roughly the same amounts of calcium and other important minerals as other unfortified milks.

If you are a health professional, please review the scientific resources provided in the section for Health Professionals

Beta-casein is a type of protein that makes up one third of the protein in milk. It is a high quality milk protein that is a source of essential amino acids, as well as peptides.

Proteins are large biological molecules made up of long chains of amino acids.

a2 Milk™ can be frozen. We suggest freezing some milk in ice trays, to allow for portion control. These portions can be used in tea or coffee. Milk should be placed in the refrigerator and thawed completely prior to using.

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